Event Reviews

Jeanette H.

"Recently, I worked with  Laurie for a large event in Mountain View.  We needed 30 center pieces.   I really did not have a concept of what I wanted. Going through the process  of deciding what we wanted for the center pieces was fun from start to  finish.  Laurie made this large project fun and enjoyable and I even  learned a bit more about flowers. Laurie is super passionate  about what she does and it really comes through in her demeanor and the  way that she is able to explain things and also in the finished  products.  Laurie is someone that is not comfortable settling for  anything less than the best and this is why I will continue to go to her  for anything that I need in the future."

Sarah F.

"I can't say enough positive things about Laurie. I contacted her the day  I had to move my mother into a memory care clinic, when I was quite  emotional. Laurie put me at ease with her empathy, and over the past  three months or so she has been making my mom's day each Monday with a  beautiful arrangement.

She is so thoughtful about making  arrangements that are to my mom's taste, and sends me an image after  delivery each week. I recently spoke with one of my mom's care managers,  who told me that the arrangements last several weeks, so they are  rotated from my mom's room into the hallway to bring joy not only to my  mom, but also to the other residents and staff. Thank you Laurie!"

Jaime K.

"Laurie just did the centerpieces for a fundraising event I threw for the  nonprofit organization I work for and she did an amazing job! We can't  thank her enough! I was pleasantly surprised  that she cared about our work and wanted to hear about what we do---it  was more than just getting a job to her, she truly cares about her  community. As for her work, it is beautiful! Laurie created  centerpieces that went along with our event theme "The Seeds We Plant."  There were little watering cans full of beautiful flowers. She is very  creative. Everyone commented on how amazing the centerpieces were. Laurie is very easy to work with and goes the extra mile for you. I highly recommend her."


 "I highly recommend Laurie at Seasonal Celebrations.  She created  beautiful centerpieces for a surprise 50th birthday party. Not only did she work  completely within my budget, she creatively incorporated some Eiffel  Tower pieces AND she suggested specific  flowers indigenous to France, which all played into the "Paris" theme." 

Ann G.

"When you want a professional to do your event, you can rely on Laurie  Keit  from Seasonal Celebrations. She has been doing events at the San  Mateo Garden Center for over two years now. She does amazing work with  the gazebo as well as the flowers to cake decorations.  I highly  recommend to make your special event as special as it can be."

Elle H.

"I found Laurie/Seasonal Celebrations thru Yelp and couldn't be more pleased. She personally brings to my mother's room these absolutely  incredible floral arrangements weekly - all unique, all spectacular and  all of which make my mother smile.  Laurie listened to me, heard what I  wanted for my mother and not only continues to meet my requests but far  exceeds them."

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Leesa R.

" I have used Laurie on several occasions.  Most recently I asked her to  make an arrangement for an memorial service of a good friend of the  family.  We gave her the colors and price range and forgot all about it.   At the reception, the daughters of the deceased came up and thanked us  and told us how beautiful and different our arrangement was.  It was  truly spectatular, a tower of vivid color.  Another beautiful job well  done!!!" 

Lisa W.

"With only 2 days notice, Laurie created 4 beautiful centerpieces for our  company's annual party.  She really got a sense of what we wanted and  needed for our event and the results were wonderful and creative.  And  she didn't go one single penny over budget!  I will definitely be  ordering from her again!"

Sandra C.

"This is my 2nd review for Laurie and 3rd time working with her! She put together some amazing flower arrangements this past weekend for a memorial service! Her  meetings are very easy and after talking to her about what i am looking  for--she takes her notes and after that I leave it in her hands! She  just knows how to get it right and makes the most beautiful  arrangements and at a time like this she just works her magic!" 

Mike F.

" The professionalism and creativity of Seasonal Celebrations will leave  you awe struck. Laurie is a joy to work with and makes sure that every  expectation is not only met but exceeded! If you are looking for an  experienced professionals than Seasonal Celebrations is the place for  you. I have worked with the company on several projects and I am always impressed with their creativity and ability to deliver!"

Linda G.

"I have seen the artist at work, I am the manager of San Mateo Garden  Center and have seen Laurie in action! Every event I am astonished  with  what she creates. My mom passed away and we went to  Laurie to make the  chapel look somewhat different, what we got was magnificent....She is  always on time has the best ideas, and is simply the best!!! She will  hopefully be available for my future events!!"

Gordon A.

"Laurie never disappoints when it comes to creating something memorable.   She has a keen eye for detail.  There is always something to be said  for artistry, but there's always more to be said about professionalism.   Laurie is the total package.  Great products and designs, fair pricing,  attention to detail and delivery with no surprises."